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Government Of Assam Tea Tribes and Adivasi Welfare Department Directorate of Tea Tribes and Adivasi Welfare

Promotion Sports and Youth Welfare Activities

  • Objective

    The objective of the scheme is to promote the development of football among the Tea Tribes’ Community in the State. The Chief Minister’s Cup Inter-Garden Football Tournament is aimed at identifying the young football talents of the tea garden community and then groom and develops them into better sports persons of district, State or National level standards.

    Name of the Implementing Agency

    Directorate for Welfare of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes in collaboration with the Directorate of Sports & Youth Welfare.

    Formation of Tea Garden Football Clubs

    Each tea garden shall form a football club and have it registered under the Societies Registration Act; and thereafter they shall also register themselves with the Directorate of Sports & Youth Welfare, Government of Assam.

    The registered Football clubs shall be eligible for grants under the TTW Deptt. The rates for grants shall be subject to budgetary provisions and as decided by the Chairman, SLAC.

    Formation of Zones and Zonal Teams

    16 - 20 Zoneshave been formed and the inter-tea garden level matches are organized under each zone. Thereafter, 16 - 20 Zonal teams are constituted from out of the players of the tea garden level teams.

    Formation of Zonal Committees

    There will be zonal committees in each of the 16 - 20 zones headed by an MLA nominated by the Chairman, SLAC.

    The concerning Deputy Commissioner where the zonal headquarter is located, shall be the Convener and the District Sports Officer shall be the Member Secretary of the zonal committee.

    Other members of the zonal committee are as per the list of persons nominated by the Chairman, SLAC.

    Criteria for Selection of Teams

    i. The competition will be organized as per FIFA rules & regulation.

    ii. The intending tea gardens will submit their willingness to participate in the Chief Minister’s Cup Inter Tea Garden Football Tournament with the respective zonal committee.

    iii. The zonal committee will arrange the venue of the playground, preparation of ground and draw the tournament fixture.

    iv. The tournament coordinator will arrange the referee, conduct the matches and all related matters for smooth conduct of the tournament in consultation with the zonal committee.

    v. Age group:The Footballers of under 17 years of age groupbelonging to Tea Tribes’ Community are eligible to participate. The players shall have to submit valid age proof certificate to the Zonal committee.

    vi. Selection of zonal teams:The Zonal Teams will be selected by Experts from the Zonal Inter Tea Garden Competitions and the selected Zonal Teams will participate in the State Level Competition.

    vii. Responsibility of participating tea gardens:

    • The tea gardens will form their own team with under 17 years of age group.
    • The team shall consist of 16 players + 2 officials.
    • The required Jersey, football, boots and other gears including transportation and refreshment of theteams will have to be arranged by the concerned tea garden managements.
    • The zonal committee will arrange required Goal nets, Football for tournament, field marking, flag, shamiana, chair, table, drinking water, medical, security, PA system etc. in consultation with the gardens.
    • The participating teams shall report at least one hour before the schedule of their matches to the tournament co-ordinator.
    • In the case of any dispute the decision of the zonal sports committee shall be final and binding to all.


    As per Notification which constitute the Zonal Sports Committee for ‘Chief Minister’s Cup Inter Tea Garden Football Tournament’, the Competition shall be organized at Zonal levels and State level.

    The Zonal Committees shall organize the tournament at the zonal level amongst the participating tea garden teams.

    Expenditures incurred for the inter-tea garden matches at the zonal levels shall be borne by the Directorate through the concerned Deputy Commissioners on a per match basis. The estimate for organizing such a match shall be prepared by the Directorate of Sports & Youth Welfare, Assam.

    A Zonal Team shall be selected with talented footballers on the basis of their performance and the selected Zonal teams will participate in the State level Competition as per Tournament Structure.

    From the pre-quarter final stage, an even management group shall be engaged for the smooth organization of the tournament till the finals.

    The Event management group shall be selected through NIT process observing all official formalities.

    Monitoring of the Scheme

    The progress and implementation schemes will be done by this Directorate.

    Maintenance of Records and Monitoring

    The Director will keep proper records with APR of the materials so distributed. And the same will be submitted to this Directorate.

    Submission of Progress Report

    The Director will submit the progress report to the Government

    Submission of Utilization Certificate

    This Directorate will submit utilization certificate to the Government in time.

    Audit by the AG (Audit), Assam

    Mandatory Audit by the AG (Audit) Assam is conducted on an annual basis for which the Tea Tribes Welfare Department ensures regular and timely audit of the accounts of the Director, Welfare of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes, Assam by the AG (Audit), Assam.

    Targeted Period of Completion

    31st March of the current financial year.