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Government Of Assam Tea Tribes and Adivasi Welfare Department Directorate of Tea Tribes and Adivasi Welfare

Post-Metric Scholarship for Tea and Tea Gardens

  • Guideline for Implementation of Scheme
    for Post-Matric Scholarship under Normal Budget
    for the Year 2016-17

    1.Name of the schemePost-Matric Scholarship
    2.Total budget provisionRs. 240.00 (Rupees two hundred forty lakh) only.
    3.Objective of the schemeThe objective of the scheme is to provide stipend to Post-Matric students belonging to tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes for the benefit of the poor students.
    4.Physical targetAn approximate target has been fixed at 4,835 students. However, real physical target will be known to this Directorate only after receipt of applications and list from Sub-Divisional Welfare Officers.
    5.Name of the implementation agencyDirectorate for Welfare of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes.
    6.Method of implementationSub-Divisional Welfare officers will submit list of students along with the name of institutions where students are studying. Applications are also received through advertisement. After scrutiny money will be released to the eligible students through E-transferring.
    7.Selection of beneficiariesSub-Divisional Level Committee for Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes will select beneficiaries.
    8.Distribution procedureMoney will be made available to the beneficiaries through E-transferring/Drafts.
    9.Maintenance of records and MonitoringThis Directorate will keep proper records and monitor the implementation of the scheme.
    10.Submission of progress reportThis Directorate will submit monthly progress report to the Govt.
    11.Submission of utilization certificateThis Directorate will submit utilization certificate to the Govt. in time.
    12.Targeted period of completionMarch, 2017 of current year.