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Government Of Assam Tea Tribes and Adivasi Welfare Department Directorate of Tea Tribes and Adivasi Welfare

Grants to Patients Suffering from Cancer and Malignant Disease

  • Objective

    The objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance in the form of one-time grants to patients undergoing medical treatment in connection with T.B., Cancer and other malignant diseases.

    Physical Target

    The physical target depends upon number of applications received and the nature of cases that fall within the eligibility criteria to be considered for making grants.

    Rate of Grants

    The rate schedule fixed for different categories of diseases ranges from Rs. 10.000/- to Rs. 30,000/- in majority of the cases and up to Rs. 1.00 lakh in exceptional cases. However, the exact rate of payment for different categories is fixed by the Chairman, State Level Advisory Committee in consultation with other members of the body.

    Name of the Implementing Agency

    Directorate for Welfare of Tea &Ex-Tea Garden Tribes.


    Patients belonging to Tea Tribes community who are suffering from TB, Cancer, Sickle cell and other malignant diseases are the eligible beneficiaries of this scheme in the form of grants-in-aid.

    Lists of diseases specified by the State Standing Committee for Plantation Workers shall be the broad guidelines for eligibility.

    Criteria for Selection of Beneficiary

    The following criteria has been followed in selection of beneficiaries

    • The beneficiary must be a citizen of India.
    • Only persons belonging to Tea Tribes' community are eligible and submission of TGL Caste certificate issued by competent authority is mandatory for availing the grants.
    • Under the scheme only one beneficiary in a family should be selected so that maximum number of beneficiary families may be covered.
    • While selecting beneficiaries preference is given to widow / aged / unmarried persons / physically handicapped / BPL families.
    • Medical certificates, specifying the nature of disease the person is suffering from issued by a registered medical practitioner / doctor under whom the person is undergoing the treatment, duly countersigned by the Medical Officer of local Govt. hospital, should be submitted along-with the application.


    Newspaper advertisements calling for applications are published in at least two local dailies. The applications, along-with their bank account details, are received by the respective SDWOs.

    The SDWOs, after examining the applications, place the list of eligible beneficiaries before the Sub-Divisional Beneficiary Selection Committees for selection. The committees will invariable consult the local Govt. health authorities/NHM before finalization of the list. The final list is then submitted to the Directorate, as per standard format of the Directorate.

    The Directorate, on receipt of fund from the Govt., places the final list of beneficiaries before the Chairman, State Level Advisory Committee for his approval.

    The beneficiaries receive the grants directly to their bank accounts through e-transfer.

    Monitoring of the Scheme

    The progress of the implementation of scheme is monitored by the Directorate of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes, Assam through the SDWOs concerned.

    Maintenance of Records and Monitoring

    The Director monitors and maintains proper records of the entire scheme implementation process.

    Submission of Progress Report

    The Director submits regular progress report to the Govt.

    Audit by the AG (Audit), Assam

    Mandatory Audit by the AG (Audit) Assam is conducted on an annual basis for which the Tea Tribes Welfare Department ensures regular and timely audit of the accounts of the Director, Welfare of Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes, Assam by the AG (Audit), Assam.

    Submission of Utilization Certificate

    This Directorate will submit utilization certificate to the Govt. in time.

    Targeted Period of Completion

    31st March of the current financial year.