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Government Of Assam Tea Tribes Directorate for Welfare

Schemes Undertaken for the Financial Year, 2017-18

  • Sector-Wise Allocation of Fund for the Year, 2017-18

    Name of the Scheme/Programme

    Amount in
    Rs.(in lakh)
    1.Distribution of Power Tiller under FOIGS150.00
    2.Pre-Matric Scholarship to Tea Garden etc.600.00
    3.Post-Matric Scholarship for Tea and Tea Gardens300.00
    4.Financial Assistance for Higher Studies300.00
    5.Training of ANM for self Employment200.00
    6.Grants to Patients suffering from Cancer & malignant disease50.00
    7.Patients Guest House at Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) premises for Tea Tribes people.100.00
    8.Promotion Sports & Youth Welfare Activities (Training for Sports Rs. 700.00 lakh and C.M’s Rs. 150.00)850.00
    9.Purchase of Training Materials/Equipment100.00
    10.Furniture and Furnishing material for tea tribes boys & girls hostel100.00
    11.Development of Community Centre for Tea Community (SKDCs)200.00
    12.Rural Water Supply schemes500.00
    13.Grants to Cultural Organization & Promotion of Cultural Activities150.00
    14.Electrification of Tea Workers Quarter by ASEB200.00
    15.Grants to Non-Official Organization of Welfare50.00
    16.Grants to Women SHGs (@ Rs. 25,000/- 1,000 Nos.)250.00
    17.Construction of Shillong Guest House140.00
    18.Insurance Premium @ Rs. 12.00 to 10.00 lakh beneficiaries registered with ATEPFO120.00
    19.Financial assistance @ Rs. 5.00 lakh to 13 martyrs belonging to tea tribes community65.00
    20.One time grant of @ Rs. 25,000/- each to 1000 numbers of disabled persons belonging to Tea Tribes Community100.00
    21.Awareness programme on child/human trafficking, Family planning, Legal awareness, Health etc.100.00
    22.Publication of Books5.00
    23.Online Application system120.00
    24.Coaching for Higher Studies100.00

    Applications & Selection Procedure

    • The Sub-divisional Welfare Officers, calls for applications and based on the allocations, does the selection of beneficiaries and submits the lists to the Directorate.
    • The Directorate gets the list approved by Chairman, State Level Advisory Committee for Tea Tribes Welfare Department.
    • The selected beneficiaries avail the schemes through ceremonial distributions (in case of financial grants, e-transfer is done).
    Names of Schemes
    being Taken up
    During 2017-18


    Pre-Matric Scholarship to Tea Garden etc.The objective is to provide stipend to Pre-Matric students belonging to Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes for the benefit of the poor students.600.0045,000 students
    Post-Matric Scholarship for Tea and Tea GardensThe objective is to provide stipend to Post-Matric students belonging to Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes for the benefit of the poor students.300.005,000 students
    Financial Assistance for Higher StudiesThe objective is to provide financial assistance for higher studies in courses like IIT, IT, MBBS/Medical, MBA, Engineering and such other technical/higher education including higher studies in Administration, Medical, Engineering, Technology, research with and outside the State/Country. for the students belonging to the Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes.300.001,000 students
    Coaching for Higher StudiesThe objective of the scheme is to prepare the students, belonging to Tea & Ex-Tea Garden Tribes students, of Class – X for appearing in the HSLC exams and Class – XI & XII for appearing in the test and other exams for selection into the medical and engineering courses.100.00HSLC = 2000 nos., CL: XI – XII = 1000 nos., Cl: XII (coaching for entrance) = 100 nos.
    Online Application SystemThe objective is to set online application systems for the benefit of the tea tribes people to avail the schemes of the deptt. like scholarships, financial grants, etc. through online application and disbursal through e-transfer facilities.120.00Set up online application systems in 46 Sub-divisions.
    Insurance premium @ Rs. 12.00 each to 10 lakh beneficiaries registered with ATEPFOThe objective is to provide the Rs. 12.00 insurance premium to the 10 lakh beneficiaries, registered with ATEPFO, under Pradhan Mantri Jan Suraksha Bima Yojna Policy (PMBSY) for their insurance coverage of up to Rs. 2.00 lakh.120.0010 lakh beneficiaries registered with ATEPFO
    Promotion Sports & Youth Welfare Activities1. For promotion of football among the talented youth from the Tea Tribes community, the CM’s Cup Inter-Garden Football Tournament will be organized at Zonal levels.
    2. 16 Zonal Teams to be formed from out of selected talented footballers on the basis of their performance.
    3. The State levels competition with Trophy & Cash prizes will be organized between the Zonal Teams.
    150.001 Football Tournament.
    Promotion Sports & Youth Welfare Activities1. 2 Football & 2 Archery Training Institutes are being set for boys & girls of tea tribes community in the State.
    2. The objective is to identify, prepare and fine-tune their talents in the events for various State and National level competitions.
    3. The Football & Archery Training Centre for Boys will be set up at Tezpur and Sonari respectively.
    4. The Football & Archery Training Centre for Girls will be set up at Dibrugarh.
    5. The centers will have hostel & education facilities in addition to the training facilities for at least 30 (thirty) talented sports persons per center.
    700.002 Football & 2 Archery Academies (30 trainees per centre) with 120 sports persons undergoing trainings.
    Grants to Patients suffering from Cancer & malignant diseaseThe objective of the scheme is to grant financial assistance to patients undergoing medical treatment in connection with T.B., Cancer and other malignant disease.50.00500 nos.
    Grants to Cultural OrganizationsThe objective is to encourage and to inspire the preservation of cultural identity, holding of local, regional and State level cultural meets for cultural development of the Tea Communities including construction of cultural centers.150.00Cultural competitions like dance, etc. in 39 Sub-divisions, culminated by a State level Competition including cultural workshop
    Rural Water Supply scheme (deep tube-wells)The main objective is to provided Deep Tube-well needy tea gardens for availing pure and safe drinking water.500.0020 nos. of deep tube-wells.
    Electrification of Tea Workers Quarter by ASEB.The main objective is to provide energy efficient LED bulbs to poor families from Tea and ex-Tea garden communities, in the State. Each family will be provided with 3 (three) LED bulbs of 15W, 11W and 9W.200.00Total of 1,21,200 LED bulbs will given to 40,400 families.
    Patients Guest House at Guwahati Medical Hospital for Tea Tribes people.The main objective is to facilitate poor Tea Tribes patients visiting Guwahati for medical treatment and also to provide living accommodation during the currency of treatment, where necessary.100.001 Patient guest house at GMCH premises.
    Awareness programme on child/human trafficking, family planning, legal rights, health, etc.The objective is to generate mass awareness among the tea tribes people on the issues of child/human trafficking, family planning, legal rights, health, etc. and to prevent such evil social issues and practices.100.00 
    One time grant of Rs. 10,000/- each to 1000 nos. of differently abled persons belonging to tea tribes communityThe objective is to provide one time financial assistance to differently abled persons for starting/taking up income generation activities like petty shop, etc. for their self-employment and sustenance.100.001000 nos. of differently abled persons belonging to tea tribes community.